wild, crazy family lovin | Charlotte family photos

This is exactly what being a family is about.  These guys (or should I say girls and a very patient dad) were such a playful, fun and loving family.  It was impossible not to get caught up in their energy.. they have so much of it to spare.  There was so much love surrounding them, you couldn’t help but be happy in their presence.  They even had their own code words and secret handshakes.  The girls really enjoyed running at me and nearly knocking me down with hugs.  It’s a good thing my camera is quick with focus (and semi indestructible 🙂 )!

These are the kind of sessions that make me so grateful to be a photographer.  I couldn’t have had more fun or met two more amazing children and their sweet parents.

Thank you H family!!!

balloons and kids duo


on a vintage chair


family in the grass