What a gorgeous baby she will be!

This Charlotte mama contacted me with a pretty good idea in mind of what she was looking for for her maternity pictures.  She wanted her portraits to be soft and with a vintage kind of look to them.. lots of hazy sunlight and pastel colors.  I happen to be just that kind of photographer!  She is an artist with a bohemian style and had a vision for her photos.

We pulled up at our first location and I got out of the car to introduce myself.  I think my smile must have been as big as a rainbow because… Wow… how gorgeous can a couple be!!!  They are both radiantly beautiful and so warm and happy.  I love their style, mama has some beautiful clothes.  That dress makes me swoon, I am such a sucker for flowey maxi dresses, and she could not have worn it better!

So not only are they just beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well!  We dealt with a *lot* of inch worms covering trees, falling from the sky, ending up all over us, in our hair, sometimes even squished, and they took it all in stride.  I’m kind of used to bugs, being the mom of a 5 year old bug lover, but I know that they can freak other people out.  I love some of the shots when these parents-t0-be really connected and shared some very special moments.  In glowing, hazy evening light and flowy boho dress of course.

We all left the session agreeing that it was so much fun.  And I cannot WAIT to meet their baby once she arrives!

belly shot with father

beautiful dress

Floppy hat on Mom to be

Pregnant Charlotte couple awaits newborn

Vintage look maternity photo

Charlotte NC maternity photo session

A husband loves on his wife's baby bump

hazy sunlight photo session

Charlotte maternity photo

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