watching them grow and bloom- Children’s photographer Charlotte

One thing that I especially love about this family is that everyone calls me by my full name– Becca Bond.  “Hey Becca Bond, look at this!”  I secretly kind of love my name, and I think it sounds pretty fancy when I’m called by my full name.  It also makes me laugh.

Another reason I’ve kind of fallen for this family is that they have a style that cannot be replicated.  I’m pretty sure that Mom J was a stylist in her past life and pulls together outfits and concept for our photo shoots using vintage finds, colorful children’s clothes, and tons of props. When I meet a client and the back of their suv is burgeoning with a chandelier, a vintage pram, and a creepy baby doll, my heart does a little flip.  It becomes almost a creative collaboration– which I *LOVE*.

This is the second year that I have had the honor of photographing this wonderfully colorful family.   I have been promised that i am their photographer for life and that I will be shooting their children’s weddings some day 🙂

Red balloons and children

Child poses with creepy baby doll and vintage pram

Child photographed with paper airplanes

FAmily photo in an orchard

Romping through an orchard

Mother and daughter nuzzle their noses

Child poses for photographer in black and white

BTW how amazing is this dress?  The story is her mom bought it for her before she was even born. I have some of those for my own little girl and it’s always such a thrill when they grow into it.  A thrill, but sad too!photo of child in masquerade mask



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  • KatieNovember 2, 2011 - 1:45 pm

    Um, WOW! Love, love, love!!!