Watching Her Grow Up

One thing that I love about working with clients over the years is watching children blossom and develop their own personalities.  As babies, they are completely dependent on their parents, watching them through their big eyes.  This is such a sweet and tender time.  Then they begin smiling and exploring the world on their own.  Everything is fascinating to them.  Once they begin walking, I have a hard time keeping up with them, camera in hand.  As they grow, they figure out what they like and don’t like, and tell me interesting things about the world around them.  As a photographer, each time that you see a child and they are doing something new, carving their own path in the world, your pictures develop a depth to them where you remember who they were, see who they are, and dream about where they are going.

I been working with this loving family for a long time.  Little K was a toddler when I began photographing her.  She has grown into such a sweet and beautiful little girl!  She was amazing on our photo shoot.  She is passionately interested in flowers and plants and I love this about her!  I can see her being a botanist or horticulturist.  She told me about her friends at school, how excited she is for Kindergarten, and her hobbies.  The world is lucky to have little K.. she is going to do amazing things!

Thank you S family… you are wonderful and I loved spending another afternoon with you!



Child on a bridge

Ring around the rosie

Children's portrait photographer in Charlotte

Great lighting on a child's headshot