tiny newborn baby girl and her brother

How perfect this little princess is.  Although she was not a champion sleeper in the beginning of our photo session, she eventually could not give into the power of the space heater and drifted off into a world of dreamy butterflies and crocheted monkey hats.  I wonder what babies dream?

Big brother E loved having his photo made.  It sounds kind of funny calling him “big” brother, because he’s not much older than little S 🙂  He complied with everything I asked him to do, and really shined when he got to hold his newborn baby sister.  He was so sweet and gentle with her.

One day, when they are both high school kids, everyone will know not to mess with E’s little sister.  He will be a fierce protector and they will be the best of friends.

Thank you so much D family!  I loved our time together.  S is so sweet (as is E) and I can’t wait to watch them as they grow!




Portrait of a Charlotte NC newborn Baby

Baby in monkey crochet hat

Kids photographer Charlotte NC

Child snuggles his sleeping baby sister

Baby sister sleeps on her brohter

Sweet baby girl photo