the two crazy talented design ladies behind Anders Ruff…

I am *SO* excited that I got the chance to meet these two.  Truth is, I feel like I’ve known them a lot longer as we’ve been in contact for a couple of months now.

A little background… Anders Ruff is a design team that creates party printables and does AMAZING styling!  Imagine the stuff that you might see in a Martha Stewart magazine, but with way more edge.  These two take creativity to a whole new level.  It was neat working with them because I really got a chance to see their personalities and how that plays into their work.  Maureen (Anders) has a classic chic style, with a sweet and charming personality to match.  Adria (Ruff) is as vivacious as they come, with an edgy, vintage-inspired style.  Both of these elements work so beautifully together to make their work stand apart from anything I’ve seen.

If you are into design, decorating, or having parties, check out their etsy shop:

I will post some images of their holiday stylings in a few days, but here are some headshots of the two gor-juice ladies.