The Season for New Babies

One of my most favorite types of people to photograph are brand-spankin’-new people.  The past few months I have had the opportunity to meet a few newborns as their families welcome them.  One of the greatest joys as a photographer is watching families grow– watching parents go from dreaming what their baby will be like to holding her in their arms.  Then watching that tiny little baby go from sleeping to smiling, to getting to know the world around her.  Then seeing how she develops into a child, and that family connection deepening even more.  Bringing another sibling is another step that I love to be a part of.  Watching a little girl that I knew and photographed as a newborn welcome a sibling.  Seeing how similar they are and yet how different.  How their demeanor even as young as a week old shapes into who they become as a two year old.  Babies are magical, it is always such an honor to be asked to photograph these little beings that are so big, so much potential, in this tiny, sweet body.  This is something that touches me each time I see a baby.

This is a beautiful Charlotte family that welcomed another baby into their lives.  We had a wonderful photo shoot together and their images are lovely.

Thank you so much R family for showing me your love, patience and the beauty of bringing two sweet girls into this world.  The world needs more of you!



Sister with newborn baby sister

Family on bed

Mother baby portraits

FAther daughter portrait

Toddler reading barefoot

baby and her big sis

modern nursery portrait of siblings

Sisters wearing monogrammed bloomers