The Happy Family with a Buddha Baby- Charlotte Photographer

This beautifully, perfectly blended family wanted their portraits made at Charlotte’s Freedom Park, which is one gorgeous location.  What a fun family!  S, the older towheaded brother, is incredibly smart and loves Star Wars.  We found a few sticks that were pretty much perfectly light-saber-esque during our shoot.  What melted me was the adoration that he showed his little brother, who everyone called Buddha.  What a perfect name for a happy, roly poly baby!  He seemed very “zen” about the whole photo shoot indeed!!  🙂  Big bro S helped me in lots of ways, making baby Buddha smile, scouting locations, and of course finding light sabers…

It went incredibly smoothly and perfectly, maybe because I happened to be working with such an enlightened baby.

Thank you SO much beautiful B family!!!!  I enjoyed meeting you and creating these gorgeous pictures.


Buddha Baby outside

Freedom Park family photography

Charlotte family portrait photography

Brothers sibling shot

Climbing a tree