summer fun with my own little one…

Is summer officially here yet?  It feels like it in the Carolinas.  Which is why I love this area so much… I am a complete warm-weather person.

My clients always ask me if I take loads of beautiful pictures of my own child.  And, I do sometimes.  When the weather is warm and we’re outside all the time, I tend to keep my camera nearby at all times in case of moments like the ones below.  While we live in the ‘burbs, I am lucky enough to have a few close friends with enviable property– lots of land, roaming chickens and hens, flower fields, tire swings, old barns and all the kinds of things that keep kids entertained for hours, and make for lovely photos. One day I too will have a ton of property and alpacas, but that is another story.

This is what Summer is supposed to be like as a kid.  I spent most of my childhood summers in the mountains of Western PA, where I played with all the neighborhood children at my grandmother’s until the 10:00 whistle blew from the local fire department.  We ran barefoot, swung from monkey swings, climbed trees, rolled down grassy hills, ate tart wild cherries, and caught fireflies.  Summers were so, so good.  Each day was a new adventure, there was always something to explore (and we did get in trouble quite a bit too!).

It’s my hope that Willow feels the same magic associated with summer days that I’ve always felt.

Charlotte children's photographer's outdoor portrait

She loves to pick flowers for me.  We’ve already put flowers in vases of different colored water and watched them turn colors…

Photo of a child picking daisies.

This is my child…. a watermelon eatin’ FIEND!  I swear some days she will not eat anything else.  So… this is her these days: sticky chin, in her yellow tutu swimsuit with fairy wings.  The tree that she’s standing in front of is so special to us.  It’s *her* tree.  It’s a willow tree that was a gift to us from our neighbors on our driveway when we drove home from delivering our Willow, festooned with pink bows.  It was just an itty bitty tree then, and it’s grown so much since.  It makes a perfect shady spot for picnics.  I always say that if/when we leave this house, it MUST come with us!

Willow rose loves watermelon!

And this shot… well, it’s not Willow actually.  It’s a beautiful little girl that is friends with my daughter and was playing with Willow at the time.

Handful of wildflowers

  • anneMay 27, 2011 - 12:45 am

    love these! love the tire swing one/the texture of it. yay for watermelon season! and what a great thing you have going with that willow special!

  • ShallyseJune 22, 2011 - 8:16 pm

    I’m not originally from the South, but this session is the perfect embodiment of how I always imagined a Southern summer before ever living here. Just gorgeous!

  • CharleneJune 23, 2011 - 6:14 am

    Love the butterfly wings! So cute.