Sugar and Spice- Charlotte children and family photography

I am really on a roll getting caught up on my blogging here.

Mom warned me that it might be slightly chaotic with two toddlers, a child and a tween.  All girls, I might add.  Well, slightly chaotic it was.  One of the twin toddlers would be halfway across the field as I set up a shot for the other one.  There was lots of chasing and baby wrangling going on.  A bit of bribery too.  But…. I’ve gotta say, that I live for this stuff!  There were so many little unplanned moments that were just such a joy to photograph.  Like the babies having their own “tea” party.  Thank goodness for the big kids that could help me out so that I was able to snap a few quick shots of Mom and Dad.

A little about the setup… This was pretty elaborate, even for me.  My hubby built the tent, and I did the sewing for the bunting flags and tent fabric patches.  I had this vision of balloons being tossed around in a field, with the sunlight streaming through them, making them glow.  For whatever reason, as soon as the balloons were emptied onto the grass, they all popped within 20 seconds.   ALL of them!  I have no idea why.  Luckily, I was able to capture a few shots before the balloon massacre.

Twin toddler photo

Kids' photo taken in Charlotte NC

Portrait of a mother snuggling her baby girl

Child Violin player, outside in vintage processed light

Family photo with Balloons

Photo of a tween in Charlotte NC

Charlotte family photo under a handmade tent

Two twin babies have a tea party

Loving mother and father steal a moment