Spiritual Family Love

There is something very special about this family.  A family of five, they share a very deep love for one another and respect of traditions and faith.  Being in their presence was calming and their kindness and joy infiltrated my heart!

When I am photographing a family, I like to explore the relationships within the family through pictures.  This was my favorite part of working with these children.  The love and friendship that the older brothers shared was inspiring, and their adoration for their baby sister was so sweet!  There was no lack of hugs or stories during this shoot.  I also love that mom and dad wanted to be sure to include special portraits of just them.  They have done a beautiful job raising these three children and should be very proud of their family!

Thank you F family 🙂


Baby photography

Children are loved

Family portrait outdoors in Charlotte NC

Mother kisses her baby

Funny jokes

pretty Charlotte evening sun couple's shoot