some sweet newborn twins | Charlotte NC Baby Photographer

Dear New Babies…

I was so happy to have met you!  Your beautiful auntie found me and felt like I would be worthy of making your very first portraits, a very special thing indeed!  The day that I met you, you were surrounded by your great, big, loving, Italian family.  I photographed you on a cold winter day, but we had plenty of cuddles to keep you warm!  When one of you began to fuss, your big brother would help to soothe you.  He loves you so much and is going to teach you so much as you grow!  Your family all helped to care for you and I don’t think your auntie or your grandma wanted to put you down for a second.

Thank you for being so sweet, so new, and so perfectly *you*!  BOTH of you!

XOXO…. Becca

Charlotte NC sibling portrait with newborn twins

Newborn Twin Portrait in Charlotte NC