so much affection- Charlotte children’s photographer

I had an idea that this was going to be a magical session from the first time that I spoke with N on the phone.  When they came in to my Charlotte studio for the pre-session consultation and brought along baby M, I *knew* it was going to be a magical session.

At the beginning of the session, I stepped on a nasty, freshly aggrivated fire ant mount, and got a ton of bites, some even between my toes.  Yooow!  I don’t know what was worse, the burning of the bites or having everyone look at my feet which I’m secretly really self conscience about (I have sausagey toes with chippy polish).  As soon as my camera came out, I forgot about the bites and my ugly (or as my best friend says “distinctive” feet) and was completely wrapped up in the beauty of this family, the orchard, the scenery, the evening light.

There are people who as N says are “free” with their love for each other, and this family certainly is.  They are candid and deeply connected with each other, and share a great spiritual connection with the Lord.  I was truly touched during this session.  Some of my favorite moments were when baby M fell asleep in his mother’s arms, and then we stole away with the parents to do some shots of them together.  So sweet.  It sprinkled just a tiny bit and then the sun forced it’s way out again.  WOW. Thank you so much for trusting me to create these portraits of your gorgeous children and the bonds of your family.



Baby boy learning to walk

Girl sitting in orchard peach tree

Family of four
child with her father in Charlotte NC
Charlotte children's photographer
Dandelion blow-- child makes a wish
Charlotte child and her baby brother photo
Mother daughter moment
Star for baby brother
so much love