So It’s Been a While Since I’ve Blogged

Oh my goodness the time has flown.  It’s 2014 and I still keep wanting to write 2012 and second guessing ‘is it 2013 now?’!  I guess that’s how you know you’re getting older!  Anyway, I have SO many gorgeous families’ photos from over the past few months that I would LOVE to share with my fellow children photography enthusiasts and will be getting those up sooner than later.  I will begin with a recent shoot that took place after the new year, about a week ago.  It’s a family that I have had the privilege of working with several times now since the birth of their son.  As a baby photographer, it’s always fun to watch babies grow up and see how much they change in that first year.  Mr. E is now 7 months old, and has to be one of the the sweetest, smiliest, blue eyed baby boys in Charlotte!  He has stolen my heart, and does so with anyone that meets him!  The day of our photo session, it was torrential downpours outside, and I was so grateful that it wasn’t an outdoor session or we would have had to reschedule.  The rain did nothing to damper our spirits, especially with E’s mega watt smiles that rivaled the brightness of  the sun.  The family shots are some of my favorites, and I have too many to blog!  This family is going to LOVE their portraits!  I am so excited to share them!

Thank you again P family!  I can’t wait until next time!!Family Portrait Photo Charlotte NC

Baby Standing at Crib

Baby Kisses

Baby reaching for the stars