So Happy to have this Family in Charlotte

As anyone that lives in Charlotte knows, most of the population here are transplants.  You meet very few people that are actually born and raised here.  Lots of people from the northern states, and some are what are called “half-backs” which means that they moved from the north to Florida for warm weather, ended up missing the seasons, and moved “half back” to Charlotte.  And among those transplants, for some reason, a very large percentage of my clients happen to be from Ohio.  And this family happens to be one of them!   Thank you Ohio for this awesome family that I am SO happy to call my clients!

We started planning this session long ago since Mama is one of those uber-organized people that I am secretly envious of and gets her stuff done early.  Since it was on a weekday, we decided to work at Freedom Park.  Any Charlotte photographer will tell you that shooting in Freedom Park can be quite tricky on a weekend, as a million people come out to the park.  But it is so beautiful and has great light, so if you are lucky enough to have a family that can work on a weekday, Freedom Park is great!  Mom sent me outfit ideas via email and I LOVE what she put together!!  The suspender and bow tie combo that she got from an Etsy vendor are the cutest!!

We had perfect weather for this session.  Not to brag, blog followers, but every session that I’ve had this fall has been perfect weather.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with my highly skilled rain dance that I do in my backyard before each session while waving my iphone weather app in the air.

Seriously this session was so fun!  It took a wee bit of time for baby brother B to warm up, but once he did, those blue eyes made my camera’s little metal heart thump a little faster.  And sweet sister S’s smile radiated and made each picture beautiful and full of life!  Some of my favorite shots are Mom having some special snuggle time with her children.  And also of Dad chasing around little B, tickling him and lifting him high into the air, eliciting a slurry of giggles.

Thank you R family from trekking on down to the south from Ohio.  And thank you for finding me as your photographer!!


baby with big smile

Child holding parents hands

Family in Christmas holiday outfits

Child portraits by Charlotte photographer

child gives mommy a kissy

Charlotte family photos

Family portrait photographer

Freedom Park photos

Little boy and mom

holiday portrait