So fun!!! A photo session with this sweet child and his mama at Falls Park in Greenville SC

When this mom contacted me and told me that she lived in Greenville and wanted a photo session there, I was immediately excited.  I’ve been hearing so many great things about Greenville lately.  That it has a thriving art scene and a beautiful park that winds through the middle of the city called Falls Park.  The reason that it’s called Falls park is that there are all these beautiful waterfalls there.

Once we arrived on location, I was almost overwhelmed with where to begin shooting.  Everywhere my eyes went was a perfect picture.  Not only within the confines of the park, but the beautiful city buildings around it.  And the icing on top,  Mom was completely gorgeous, and her little fella could not have been more darling.  We really made the most of our time, exploring the park and some of the city, getting a huge variety of images.

We were shooting after the sun went down, it was hard for me to pack up my camera.

Thank you so much, beautiful Mom J, and your sweet little boy for a wonderful session!

Sweet photo of a mom and her child

Child portrait of boy on a vintage quilt at Falls Park in Greenville SC

Mother and child snuggle among flowers at a park

Photographer captures a kid at play at Falls Park in Greenville SC.

Family walks in the park, photographed by photographer