so fun…. a family photo session at Carowinds in Charlotte- Children’s photographer

I’ve been thinking about this for soooo long.  Our family has a season pass to Carowinds, so we go there fairly often (although we always stick to the children’s area!).  I noticed that part of the park is very “old Carolina beach” style, with vintage-y painted walls, cool signs and stuff, and kept thinking that it would be PERFECT for a child or family photo session!  Not only is the scenery cool, but when families are there, they’re pretty much always having fun.  So, what a perfect place to capture some photographs.

child photographer in Charlotte NC

family rides the scrambler

Family poses with their child in Charlotte NC's Carowinds for picture

Family fun photo with children's photographer in Charlotte NC.

Child with vintage teal boat and cotton candy by children's photographer

Adorable family poses for Charlotte child photographer

Photo taken at Carowinds in Charlotte of child and her daddy.

I would LOVE to schedule more of these fun sessions… so if you are planning a family day or taking the children to Carowinds, consider booking a session with me and having your photos made while you are there enjoying your day!

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  • Carrie ScruggsJuly 11, 2011 - 7:49 pm

    super cute!!!!!!!!!!!