slippity disc

i consider myself a pretty strong, in shape person for the most part.  i’m active, i dance, run, and there’s nothing i can’t do with a 30 lb toddler on my hip.  so i’m not sure why this happened to me.  

i shot a wedding last weekend which i suffered the usual day-after soreness.  nothing big.  until i went to pick up willow to put her in a car seat.  ooooowwwwccchh.  so there are these discs that go between your spine and when they slip out of place, it really, really hurts.  bad.  and it takes you out.  no baby lifting.  no dish doing.  no laundry out of the dryer pulling.  no email reading.  no picture taking.  especially when it involves running around chasing kids. no going anywhere in a car except for the chiropractor because sitting is bad.  my whole life is on hold.  i had to cancel my session this weekend that i was really excited about.  and lay here.  and stare at the ceiling fan after my arms get tired of holding a book up to read.  woe is me. 

all this laying around thinking has got me thinking.  thinking about how lucky i actually am.  i have an injury that i am healing from.  my bones are strong. my baby is healthy.  my husband, mother and grandmother are so helpful and i can rely on them.  i have wonderful friends who offer to help me clean and even type emails for me.  i am so grateful despite this pickle i’m in.  which i should be out of in the next few days if i keep taking care of it.

now…. for some newborn pictures.  have i ever mentioned how much i love working w newborns?  i’ve been meeting tons of them lately… here are some cuties, and i will put more up later….



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  • ZoeAugust 2, 2009 - 7:10 pm

    ouch…so sorry you are not feeling good but glad you are on the mend. I love the new pictures!