she shouldn't have.

but she did.  my fellow charlotte family photographer/ partner in crime, alicia williams introduced me to this.  go ahead.  take a little gander at the dresses.  

i am in love.  i have never seen a more beautiful collection of dresses.  and read the descriptions!!!  i feel like it was just made for me to drool over and occupy my time that i should be working.  so, since christmas is coming up… take notes mom, chris, whoever is reading this and feeling really generous 😉

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  • rebecca sweeneyAugust 17, 2009 - 7:48 pm

    I just felt compelled to write you, I love love LOVE your work!!! I found you on linked in and thuoght you were a different Becca I knew from SCAD. But was not upset to find that you are not the becca I knew because I felt your work hit my heart and made my eyes smile. Just had to tell you, fellow alum!
    thank you for it’s beauty,
    Becca Sweeney