Photographer’s Family Portraits

As a photographer, I always get a little bit nervous when I’m asked to do family photos for a fellow photographer.  In some ways, it’s easier to work with a photographer’s family– they know what to wear, understand light and why I want to shoot where and when I do, and have kids that are used to having their pictures taken.  But… it’s harder in some ways for me, as I get a touch of the performance anxiety before these sessions.  This time, I decided to use that to make the session even better by trying some things I haven’t done before and really pushing myself as a photographer.  I hope this beautiful mama loves the result as much as I do!

The photographer is Alison Koss of Bella Photography with her husband and three stunning children.  They were due for a family portrait and I am SO glad that they chose me!  Alison is a sweet, lovingly quirky and outgoing mama with a charismatic personality and a smile that shines.  I couldn’t help but love her the first time that I met her in my studio for her pre-consult.    She gave me a briefing about each of her children and their unique personalities.  She even got us access to a super special private farm that is used on many commercial shoots.

What a joy this session was!  The bribe for the session (yes, us photographers do bribery) was that they would go to Golden Corral after their session where there are chocolate fountains for dessert.  And after the impeccable behavior of these children, I hope that the chocolate fountain was as delicious and decadent as the setting sun that painted our session.

On to the photos….Kids in a tree photo

Mom with two children on horse farm

pretty girl

Portrait photography at a farm

A photographer with her own family

picture of love

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  • rachelOctober 31, 2012 - 8:22 pm

    lovely captures! 🙂 i’m the exact same way…i actually just did a maternity/family session for a fellow photographer. the photos turned out great and most of all they loved them. 🙂 i’m sure your clients will love these as well. 🙂