Oh La La– Charlotte Newborn Infant Photographer

May I indulge my inner French speaking goddess for a moment?  Perhaps I’m a very clumsy, stumbling French speaking goddess on the outside, but nonetheless, I need to do something with those years of studying French and passing classes by the skin of my teeth.  There are no trips to Paris in my near future, so I might as well try to impress one or two people that read my blog and think I’m all fancy and multi-lingual.

So… Oui, cette mama est trés interessant!  A symphonic tympanist, flamenco dancer and Francophile, she found my photos to be the perfect fit for her newborn baby’s portraits.  Qu’est-ce un compliment!!  A few weeks after her darling baby was born, she realized that little Z was getting big so fast and she was working with limited time to bring to life her vision of pictures of her baby in pretty hats, looking somewhat Française.  What a little beauty this baby is!  She is so delicate and pretty– a little fairy baby girl!

Baby Z couldn’t have been more cooperative for her photo shoot.  Sometimes, it is difficult to photograph newborn infants that are older than two weeks.  Not this little one!  They came to my photo studio in Charlotte, and baby Z slept perfectly soundly for us, after Momma rocked her to sleep.  We got a chance to swap out quite a few hats and accessories while Z peacefully snoozed. Her photo shoot was perfection!

Lovely mere, I hope that you are as joyeux as I am with your baby’s newborn portraits!!  XOXO

A newborn wraps her hand around her mother's fingers

A baby sleeps soundly for the photographer

A colorful newborn baby picture

Baby on a french tufted sofa

A wide awake newborn on a photo shoot

Mother rocking baby to sleep

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