O Christmas Tree

whatchu lookin at?We got our Christmas tree today and she is a beauty!!!  We went to Windy Hill Orchard with the whole family, including our 2 shih tzu doggies AKA “bears” and W of course.  There were farm animals roaming around which was a bit too exciting for the bears.  There was a sweet little calf, a bunch of chickens, pot belly pigs and garden variety pigs.  While we were tramping through the hay we came across a bundle of little piglets that were cuddled up.  It was a good thing Chris saw them or we might have stepped on them!  Paddington (larger, male bear with overbearing personality–haha no pun intended!) immediately wanted to go check them out.  Winnie (smaller, female bear with timid personality) got scared of them and took off running.  W was just fascinated.  They were really cute.  We found the perfect tree.  It’s in our living room now soaking up water.