my own family- charlotte photographer

so i took a week off of doing sessions and went to obx with my husband, willow and my brother’s family.  it was a bit risky going in september, since we are in the dead center of hurricane season.  we arrived about a week after earl passed, so we were in the clear!  if you are ever able to go this time of year, i highly recommend it and here is why:

1. no crowds (not that obx is ever really that crowded, but there are definitely more bodies on the beach than there were in 1985 when we started going)

2. perfect weather- i mean… perfect!!  80-something degree days with a nice warm ocean from being heated all summer long, then crisp cool nights to cozy up to the beach bonfire and roast smore’s wearing sweaters

3. sales!  yeah, if you’re a bargain shopper, all of the little beach-y surfer shops are having sales galore that you can hit if you have a rainy day.  plus rentals are less.

here’s my baby.. she’s growing up so fast…



this was taken on our (only) overcast day… we were playing on the beach and willow was running and suddenly the sun came out and lit her so perfectly.  she is so beautiful here.  well, she’s always so beautiful 🙂


this is my nephew who is just a week older than willow.  he is one of the happiest kids i know!


i’m sure that one day they will be the best of friends and play nicely together, but this trip it was hard to get the two of them in the same photograph, they were always off doing their own things.  ryan especially loves the running thing.


i’m getting a canvas printed of this… it’s two of my favorite people together.. in the moment….



my bro and his wife wanted me to get a family shot of them and the week went by and i didn’t think i had gotten any, when i came home and lo and behold found this little gem on my memory card…



bye beach, we’ll see you next summer!