musings on custom family photography

When you choose to have your portrait made by a custom photographer, you are essentially commissioning the photographer as an artist to preserve your family through their carefully crafted art.  A custom photographer will get to know your family, and most importantly, will create an experience where you have a chance to interact, play, and truly be yourselves.  The images created during this experience are more than a posed studio portrait.  They will be completely unique.  They will be art in their own right, worthy of a grand display above your fireplace.  They will tell a story about your family.  Your  curious toddler.  Your sleepy little newborn.  The images will be timeless, and will be handed down with sentiment from generation to generation.  

For me, personally, there is nothing more precious than time with the people that you love.  Having a piece of art that monumentalizes that time, that love, is priceless.  When homes are destroyed by fires or floods, it’s always the photographs that are the most missed.  Why?  It’s these carefully preserved bits of life that hold so much life, so much joy, so much love.  My house is loaded with wall art of my family.  It makes me really happy and makes my house feel alive.

To read some more on custom photography, click here.  They do a great job describing what it is, as well as how to choose the right photographer for your family and even break down the costs.