more baby…

i am so bonkers for babies.

it’s true.

i’ve never met a baby i didn’t love.  i love how you can be the silliest person in the world for them and they don’t look at you like you’re crazy.  i love how interested they are in the world around them, their eyes are big with wonder.  their whole life is ahead of them, they are so new to this whole earth thing.  they’re all beautiful and soft and smell good (most of the time) and love to be cuddled.  what’s not to love?!

this little precious lady had eyes like sparkling sapphires.  she is going to break hearts with those blue eyes one day!  watch out world!!!


it’s a good thing she has 2 doting big brothers to fend off the boys that will undoubtably be falling head over heels with those sparklers.  

and did i mention the big brothers have the same sparkly sapphire thing going on too????


oh yeah, and even mom and dad are beautiful