it's been soooooooooo long

sometimes i get people that tell me ‘i saw ….. on your blog’ and i am always astonished that people actually read it!  i mean, i am a blog stalker, as my friend alicia calls it, of some of my favorite photogs/designers/people but i always feel so overcome when people tell me that they actually look at MY blog.  the fact that someone actually took time out of their day to look at my blog makes me feel completely humbled and amazed and proud at the same time.  is there a word for that feeling?  if so i can’t think of it.  i’m sure there is a french word, the french have words for every emotion…. je ne sais quoi????

anyway…. i have been SO slack on updating lately.  i’ve been trying to re-work my entire website, my whole ‘package’ if you will.  it’s been a lot of work, coupled with the fact that i’ve been incredibly busy (another thing that i’m humbled/ amazed/ proud and grateful for… french word for that??).  

my job is THE most amazing job on this earth.  i get to see the most beautiful, most meaningful moments of people’s lives where they are their realest, truest selves.  weddings, newborn babies, growing babies, family reunions, families gathering and being together and showing their love for each other.  to say that it’s a rewarding job is an understatement.  i am constantly thankful for every minute of it.  for every new mother and father that invite me into their home (or the hospital) to photograph their baby.  to every bride that trusts me to document the most important day of her life thus far.  for every child that befriends me, this crazy lady with a camera that sometimes acts like an oversized kid herself.  for every new mother that rocks her brand new baby to sleep so that i can photograph those fleeting moments when their world is so new.  

if you’ve been on my website lately, you may have noticed my new motto: keep today alive.  it’s my job as a photographer.  and i don’t just mean make some glossy portrait of a well dressed child smiling nicely into the camera.  i mean, those are great too.  but it’s all about today.  TODAY.  what did you do?  20 years from now, will you still be able to see that crazy laugh your preschooler does, the tininess of your newborn’s mouth, the temper tantrum your toddler throws, how little your child’s hand is in your hand, how crazy your daughter’s hair looks after running around on a summer morning.  this is IT my friend, these are the days, and this is my mission to KEEP TODAY ALIVE for you!!!!