It kills me

It kills me to not post every. single. picture. from this shoot with the C family because they are all amazing and I could dedicate about 10 blog entries to it.

I look forward to working with the C family every year because as you can see, Mama J has the eye and heart of an artist.  We met in August and started throwing together some ideas over sushi, but what happened was even better than I could have anticipated.  I couldn’t wait to see what she had dreampt up for our shoot!  She scours thrift stores, antique markets, and the corners of her imagination to come up with these really cool ideas that work for her family!

It is so much fun to work with them.  Not only is the design of the shoot wonderful, but the children themselves have the personalities to pull it off and not get lost in the sea of props and wardrobe.  I know that this family truly appreciates portrait ART and I get to experiment a little bit more with light and composition and mood.

C family, you know that I adore you!


Photo in Charlotte

portrait of a child in front of a building

hula hooping child

Kids playing cards

Siblings show love for the camera

Family picture

Gorgeous child photo in the woods using natural light