if I were stranded on a deserted island | Charlotte NC Family Photographer

So the ultimate hypothetical question… if you were to be stranded on a deserted island who would it be with?  My answer has to be this family.  I’ll take any one of them.  These four know more about survival in the wild than anyone I’ve ever met.  Let me back up, I failed to mention that this is a family of hunters.  As in, dress in camo and go into the woods for days and hunt deer type of hunters.  And they do it together.  Talk about family bonding.  So, during our session at the Anne Springs Greenway in Fort Mill, the kids showed me how to eat muscadines (yummy) and these things that come off the tree that are really tart.  Momma showed me what a eucalyptus tree is (I thought those were for Aussie koala bears) and gave me some leaves to put in my bath.  Dad caught a snake.  Basically, if any one of these folks was on survivor, they would be bringing home the mil.  

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