how i love this kid….

my nephew!  he calls me “aunt backup” which i love.  he is one of those kids that are 110% boy.  he runs, he plays with cars and trains, and we make up games where we have to run from crocodiles and dolphins (dolphins, you ask?? apparently some 2 year olds find them threatening).  i’ve been promising his mom and dad that i’d do a portrait session with him and we finally got around to it last month.  it was a very hot day up in western md when my brother and i took him out and about down some country roads, but the heat and humidity had no effect on ryan’s enthusiasm.  it did take an entire package of smarties- bribery, but the portraits are well worth it!  after all, a sugar rush only lasts an hour or two, while pictures are forever 🙂




little boy running on farm portrait children's photographer Becc

ryan portrait by a stone wall


ryan portrait by a stone wall