He’s One Already?!

I remember a little over a year ago sitting down for coffee with this Mama and talking about her due date.  We have worked together 4 times since then, for their maternity, newborn, 6 month old, and now one year old portraits of baby N.  I remember his mother telling me that they chose his name because it sounded very peaceful.  This child lives up to his name.  He *is* one of the most peaceful babies that I have ever worked with.  The perfect combination of his loving, laid-back parents.  We got Lola, the doggy, in some of our pictures too… she is apparently a super model of a dog with quite a following 🙂

Thank you SO much L family!!!!  I absolutely loved each of our times together and look forward to more as N grows!!
XOXOFamily of 3

Charlotte baby photography

Candid shot of mom and baby

Daddy and Toddler Son Portrait

Portrait of a toddler and his doggy