happiest baby ever | Charlotte NC photographer

During the pre consultation with this mama, I knew that I was going to love their family.  We had so many things in common that it was almost eerie. I mean, the same decorating taste, music likes, places we’ve lived, and lots of other stuff that I won’t bore my readers with, but I assure you that it was interesting stuff to us.

Meeting this family, I immediately felt like we were long-time friends!  Baby A was cuter and sweeter than a photographer could ever want a one year old baby to be.  I don’t think I stopped smiling throughout our entire session together, which was at my Charlotte studio btw (I love saying that, I just want to pinch myself every time).

So, during the portrait session, I’m playing with little A and photographing her, and she is all giggles and adorableness.  Then she decides that she has something very important to tell me.  I know this because of the serious expression on her face and pointed finger.  And when she went to tell me that super important stuff, I swear that I melted into a big pile of ooey goo.  She has this…. well…. chatter would be the best word to describe it.  It is fast and furious and high pitched and involves a lot of different consonants and vowels.  Like a little chipmunk that speaks Mandarin.  Maybe even like an Ewok. I have never heard a baby do this, and with her little expressions so serious, as if I should be able to understand exactly what she was telling me (it almost sounded like she was scolding me), I just could not stop giggling at the adorableness of it.  I really wish I had a recording of it, because it is seriously one of the silliest, cutest things I’ve ever seen.

So without further ado, here are some portraits of this awesome family… I think it’s pretty obvious how much fun we were having!


picture of a happy Charlotte baby in photo studio
Baby photo with birdcages and butterflies

Charlotte family lifestyle photos

Charlotte NC baby with her dad

Charlotte baby picture in a tutu

Portrait of a family in Charlotte NC