Growing Up

I know you’re thinking it, because I would be if I had stumbled across this blog post… yes, they are all incredibly beautiful.  Seriously, do I not get to photograph the most attractive families in Charlotte?!  I think that should be my new tag line: Becca Bond Photography:  The pretty people’s photographer.  Maybe happy (and therefore inherently pretty) people are attracted to happy pictures which is kinda what my work is all about. Which makes me happy!!  This family is a perfect example!

I am so honored to be working with this family again!  The last time I saw them, baby S was a few days old.  Newborn sessions are fun because they give me a chance to try out different ideas, concepts, and lighting, as the subject isn’t generally very active.  But, I must say that I LIVE FOR photographing babies 6 months and up.  Little Miss S was beautiful as a newborn, and I actually have a big old canvas portrait of her hanging in my studio as a sample that gives me regular cases of baby fever.  Now she is smiley, and inquisitive, and sitting up on her own, and the photography becomes more about the moment– her expressions, movements, interactions with her family.  Big brother E was such a helper this time, I have loads of adorable photos of these siblings together.

Thank you again D family!! I can’t wait till the next round 🙂



Charlotte Baby girl and toddler Brother

happy baby Charlotte Photography

Classic black and white

candid photography in Charlotte NC

Super happy young family

Brother and sister portrait

  • Jalisia DJuly 6, 2012 - 5:27 pm

    Where were these pictures taken? The park like setting is so pretty. Your photography is amazing!

  • becJuly 9, 2012 - 4:29 pm

    Hi Jalisia, they were taken in Fort Mill SC at a pecan tree grove! So pretty and one of my favie places to shoot evening light!! THank you!!