Gorgeous Couple Expecting their First Baby

This gorgeous mama to be contacted me from Raleigh NC and wanted to do a maternity shoot. She was really in love with the idea of doing a shoot outdoors in natural light but wasn’t sure since it is the dead of winter, if the scenery would look… well… dead of winter-ish.  This is where living in the Carolinas really comes in handy.  We are so lucky to have the kind of scenery that keeps some green-ness year round.  There are little pockets of greenery that photographers know how to find and maximize.  Not only that, but we have beautiful light here too.

The day of our shoot, we were blessed with 60-something degree temps which made being outside not only bearable but enjoyable!  When I met up with this couple, we chose Davidson NC, because it was the closest outskirt of Charlotte to where they were coming from in Raleigh.  I was kind of star struck by how stunning this couple is!  They are of Indian/ Botswana descent and were absolutely glamorous-superstar beautiful!  Can you even imagine how lovely their baby will be?  She brought her mother along, who was visiting until their baby arrives to help out, and she was so incredibly sweet and helpful.

We had such a great shoot and I photographed for nearly 2 hours as our shoot involved a wardrobe and location change.  They would tease each other playfully and shared some very sweet moments during the time that we worked together.

Thank you SO much P family, I am so happy that you chose me to work with you and I am SUPER excited to meet your baby!Beautiful couple await Baby

Outdoor maternity photo session

Beautiful Woman Maternity Shoot

Sweet Maternity Photo

Charlotte Maternity Photographer

Oh this shot has no belly in it but… WOW… I just had to include it!

Sunshine and dreaminessXOXO