Future Basketball Star- Charlotte Kids Photographer

Seriously, could this little fellow be any cuter?!  He looks like a baby Gap model– those eyes, eyelashes, and little smile.   He absolutely stole my heart!  When I spoke to pretty Mama J before our photo session, she told me that she wanted to celebrate her baby’s first birthday and wanted to do an outdoor shoot.  We truly lucked out for this one!  We had perfect Charlotte early-spring weather, beautiful natural light, and a happy little baby to work with!

Dad is a professional basketball player, and this translated to super powers during our shoot!  I’m always a very cautious photographer and when I do any “baby on chair” pictures, I normally have the parent hold the baby on one side while I shoot and then switch sides, and I do a composite of the two images in Photoshop to take the parent out.  This way, it appears that the baby is sitting by himself in the middle of a field without risking the baby falling out of the chair.  Well, with this shoot, mom reminded me of dad’s pro basketball ninja-like skills and he stayed out of the frame.  If little I started to wobble, Dad was there in lighting speed to catch him.  It was truly remarkable.  I think every photographer needs a super power pro basketball player to bring along to baby photo shoots!

I enjoyed this family’s connection.  Mom and Dad are such wonderful parents– nurturing and loving and creating a superstar.  Baby I, I don’t know what you’ll end up doing with your life.  Maybe you have the basketball genes, maybe you’ll be a scientist, or maybe a supermodel, but I know it’s going to be amazing!

Thank you!


one year old with balloons

candid moment photo of mother and baby

Future pro ball

Kisses on those cheeks

Sweet family love