fort mill family photographer 90th birthday bash

i must admit that i was a little nervous when asked to photograph a reunion of sorts, celebrating the 90th birthday of a woman and the families that are in existence because of her.  the logistics of organizing families, kids, people into groups in a somewhat orderly fashion seemed like it would be a challenge, but one that i was very excited about!  

what a family!  the love was just oozing from them, they grew up vacationing together and had lots of good stories, and now live in different parts of the country.  i’m so glad they chose north carolina to meet up this summer!  my favorite part of this experience was when i asked them to sing happy birthday to martha.  i did not expect to hear the most angelic choir i’ve ever heard in harmony as if the gates of heaven just flew open.  turns out they are all singers.  well, almost all of them.  what a treat!BBP_2036