first birthday baby session

Mama warned me about this baby… she could possibly be the happiest, sweetest little chunk-a-love ever.  Well was her temperament was put to the test the day of our photo session and she lived up to her happy nature and then some.  Here is a rundown of the day and why miss L is so special.

They get out of the car and my heart immediately melts into a puddle.  She smiles.  She coos.  She snuggles her daddy.  Once the camera comes out, she just shines.  It’s a baby photographer’s dream-come-true family session!  Four outfit changes and with a few breaks for “puffs”, she was going strong!  Mama grew up on a farm around horses, so I wanted to incorporate horses somehow.  Baby L was definitely interested in them!  Now here is where the story gets sad, so viewer beware!  Make sure you have a box of tissues on hand.

I suggest we let little L pull up on a fence near the horses so she can “stand” by herself.  So Papa puts her down on the grass and she holds onto the fence.  All of a sudden the horse nearby startles and runs off.  And in the next second, baby L lets go of the loudest cry I’ve ever heard an almost one year old baby make.  We look and realize the reason is that there is a next of hornets right by her that has been stirred up, and one is on her!!!  She got stung!!!  On her sweet little chubby cheek!!!

It was terrible!!  I felt awful about it.  I wasn’t sure if the session could go on.  But…  true to her nature, after a few snuggles from Mom and Dad, and some snacks, she was all smiles again!  So, we got to do the shot that we had been planning… the obligatory first birthday cake smash!  Complete with balloons, a vintage high chair, and the happiest baby ever!

Thank you so much B family!!!!!

Outdoor photo session

baby with dimples

birthday photography for baby

Baby girl and her mother

outdoor baby photo shoot for first bday

Charlotte NC family photographer portrait

One year old birthday cake smash.