fantastically fun family on their horse farm

this is the beautiful family of a photographer friend of mine.  i always get a little nervous before my sessions but especially when shooting other photographers’ families. probably the same way a chef would get nervous preparing a meal for another chef.   however, as soon as i arrived and dad began his laughing and joking and the kids loosened up (even the teenagers), we had such a great time that i didn’t want to leave.   it seemed like everyone in the family has a special talent: one kid who was quite the equestrienne, one kid who was a guitar player with great hair, a cow ropin’ protege, and a mom and dad whose talent was the lovin they gave each other for my camera!  everyone got teased a bit, even me.  but look at the results… totally worth it!


family portrait on farm


horseback rider



guitar player


love in a field