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I always love to photograph boys.  Truthfully, I am a total girlie girl.  I have been since I was born.  As a child, I loved to play dress-up, have tea parties, and mothered about 10 Cabbage Patch dolls (this was the 1980’s we’re talking about).  I actually did not own a pair of jeans until I was almost 10 years old- I refused to wear anything but dresses.  And now I have a little girlie girl of my own to raise in the tradition.

So, as a photographer, working with girls comes quite naturally to me.  Boys, on the other hand, are so different.  They are rough and tumble, they love to climb, explore, and run.  But they also have these really sweet, tender moments.  Especially with their mommies.  It always melts me when I see it.  I love to capture their expressions once I’m able to engage them with the camera.  It sometimes takes a high-five hand slap, race (they ALWAYS beat me!), or helping them find a frog or bug.  As much fun as it is for them, it’s fun for me too, like discovering a whole new side of myself.

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