double the cuteness- Charlotte NC children’s photographer

I have a secret obsession with photographing multiples.  Especially cute twins, which Miss J and Miss T clearly are.  They look so much alike when I first met them, it was hard to tell them apart.  But at the end of our picture taking, each of their little personalities made it clear who was who.

We had a perfect photo shoot.  It was one of those wonders where everything worked out perfectly.  Normally, there is a bit of chaos during my photo sessions.  There are times when one may even doubt that this photographer is in control (which I assure you, I am 🙂  Well, the chaos was kept to an absolute minimum during this shoot. We were blessed with gorgeous light, gorgeous clothing, and super sweet and cooperative children that were just a joy to be with.

Thank you so much B family for the opportunity to work with your family of four.



children eat apples

twins give their parents hugs and a kiss

Twins play ring around the rosie

charlotte children's photographers portrait of twin girls

Charlotte professional photographers family portrait


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  • MimmiNovember 1, 2011 - 3:24 am

    …skipping in the sun…perfect!