This is the second time that I’ve had the pleasure of working with the B family.  The first time, I was so excited to have met them, to experience their bubbly exuberance and love for each other, and capture little A’s babyhood.  Well, at this photoshoot, she is nearing her 1st birthday and cuter than ever!  She is the kind of baby that you can’t help but smile when you’re around her.  Not just her family and photographer, but anyone that is in her range.  She waves at everyone and gives them this incredible smile that is SO big and SO crazy that it would warm the heart of the Grinch himself!  There is no way to escape it.  The world needs more people in it like Miss A.  She makes the world a better, happier place.

I may have mentioned it before but I have an affinity for babies that have a strong spirit.  Maybe because my own daughter has always been that way.  Maybe because I am so mellow and I wish I was more like that.  But little A definitely has this incredibly spunky spirit.  She is independent, strong and extremely lovable at the same time.  She loves to be outside.. and now that she’s walking, that’s all she wants to do!  We tried to get her to go where we wanted and pulled out all of our tricks.  It worked beautifully!

The photo shoot ended with a birthday Smash cake.  She didn’t quite know what to think at first but once she got a taste for the sugary icing, she was sold, and smashed it like a pro!

I am so grateful to get to know the B family  and this wonderful little spark of light in the world!

You are going to LOVE your pictures 🙂

XOXOXOCharlotte family vintage barn

Charlotte baby in a tutu

Sweet and happy baby

Blue Eyed Baby smiles for photographer

Aw Shucks Farm pictures

Outdoor natural photo shootBecca