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During our pre-consultation phone call, this Mama warned me that little miss B was a very serious little girl, she was not quick to smile, but very smart and observant.  Nah, I told her, I can make ANY baby smile!  Well, B sure did put me to the test on that one!  She truly *was* a toughie.  As I sang and danced and acted pretty much like a crazy lady overdosing on caffeine for her amusement, she studied me intently, with a furrowed brow, as if to say “what in the world are you doing?”.  But whatever she lacked in smiles, she made up for in sheer adorableness.  How could anyone resist the urge to pick her up and squeeze her?  What a sweet baby, who loved saying ‘hi’ to anyone, no matter how far in the distance they were.  And then she would study them, processing everything.

Well, we finally broke the studious stare and she went into fits of giggles as her mommy and daddy bounced her and played with her.  She liked giving me high-fives and exploring the field with me chasing her, camera in hand.

I must say that after going through the pictures that were created, the resulting images reveal a very sweet and happy baby girl with a sparkle in her eyes and a family that loves her very, very much.

Thank you so much S family for having me work with you and your beautiful daughter.  She could not have been more perfect!



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