Charlotte children’s photographer -my willow rose…. sunflower girl

So along with many Charlotte photographers, I was in search of the perfect sunflower field to hold some family summer photo sessions.  And along with many, many other photographers, I fell in love with a ginormous never-ending field of sunflowers at the Draper Wildlife preserve in York SC, about a half hour from South Charlotte.  I’ve actually been here many times before, and have visited the field that now brims with yellowey gold beauty, and even before the sunflowers arrived, found it to be pretty.  Chris likes to fish in the pond near the field, and Willow and I go for walks.  So, of course I had to bring the family out to get some lovely pictures of my Willow Rose in this lovely field.  She had so much fun, she is such a bug lovin’ kid and found all kinds of lady bugs, bumble bees, and beetles in the field.

And yeah, she’s kind of a flower child at heart, like her mama.

Sunflower field Charlotte children's photographer

Children's photographer in Sunflower field in Charlotte NC

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