Can I fit in their camper too?– Fort Mill Family Photography

I love love LOVE the B family.  Each of their 4 sweet little kiddos.  And the hiking, camping, nature-lovin’ parents too.

This is the hmmm…. fifth?? time that I’ve worked with them and each time it just gets better and better.  They decided to have this session at Kings Mountain, since it is a special place for them.  Holy perfect location for a perfect family!  We had some drizzly weather that cleared into sunshiney skies.

Families with lots of kids are so much fun to photograph.  I grew up with one sibling, but my elementary school best friend was part of a big ol’ 6-kid family.  There was always something going on in that house.  That’s how I feel when I’m with the B family.  I love to spend one on one time with each of the children, since they all have such different personalities.  I also love to see them interact with each other.  The way that A keeps up with her two older brothers is adorable.  They look out for each other and play hard.  I loved the special moment that the twins spent together whispering wishes for each other.  I don’t know what they decided to wish on, but they each looked equally happy.  Baby W is too cute and full of smiles.  They just do their thing so naturally.  It is always hard to say goodbye.

Mom and dad just got a pop up camper and rigged their minivan to pull it.  This is a dream of mine… the perfect solution to camping with children.  Especially when you have 4 of them.  We can fit with Willow in a tent pretty easily.  So I’m thinking that no one will notice if I stow away in part of their camper on their next family vaca to the mountains.  Four kids

Twin brothers Photo

Three children and baby W

Child holding baby chick

Dad and baby boy