Blessed and Lucky

I loved getting to know the B family!  Before we met to take pictures, Mama A filled me in on their whole story– how she met and married the man of her dreams and ended up with the most perfectly adorable baby girl on the planet!  I love how much they appreciate each other and how involved Dad is.  He has to be one of the most hands-on dads that I  have ever had the pleasure of working with– diapers and wipes always on hand in his back pocket along with a toy or two.  Baby A clearly adores him also!  Being in her daddy’s arms lit her up, her little smile making those kissable dimples appear.

I learned a lot from this family– appreciate each other, do not take one another for granted.  Every day is a new day to celebrate those we love!  We could all take a lesson from them.

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, B family!  Just looking at your portraits makes my heart feel light!



Family Photography Charlotte NC

tender candid moment

Baby portrait in Charlotte NC
Giggles from baby

Family photography