Beautiful Children on a Perfect Fall Day

One of my favorite things about working with families, children and babies is finding out the “story” of the family before we even decide on the location of the photo session.  When I get to speak to the family before we meet for taking pictures, I feel like I already know who they are.  I really love this family’s story.  Mom and Dad met in high school, in their homeroom and were friends.  They had no idea that the future would bring a marriage and three stunning children.  I liked hearing about their dynamic, how hands-on Dad is and how he also has a soft spot for his kids.

Once I met them, I felt like I had known them for a long time.  I saw the connections that we had talked about, and photographing was almost too easy!

I’ve got to say, the crisp weather, the scenery, the sweetness that exuded from the girls toward their baby brother had to make this one of my favorite sessions this fall.  It was like all the planets aligned for these pictures to happen.  They are magic!

S family, I am SO glad that you had the same homeroom teacher and were able to meet to create this perfect bunch!!

perfect fall day

sweet child in photo

Eskimo kisses between mom and child

happiest baby ever

Two sisters snuggle

kids playing and having fun

outdoor family portrait