Beautiful Baby- Charlotte Newborn Photography

I was thrilled when I heard that this family was going to welcome a new baby into their arms!  I have gotten quite close to them in the past two years since I’ve been photographing their then-baby, now-toddler child after they moved back to Charlotte by way of the big NYC 2 years ago.  They are so full of joy and so easy-going and I am so grateful to be their photographer.  They have done a bit of redecorating since the last time that I was in their home and the nursery as well as little L’s room blew me away with the cuteness and ‘etsy-ness’ of everything!  I have a special affinity for little L, as she has a very bright spirit and is so incredibly sweet and snuggly.  And her eyelashes never seize to amaze me!  She is now a big sister to a gorgeous little baby that is so laid back and easy to work with.

I had a chuckle for this photo shoot… Normally, when I photograph newborns, the parents want pictures of their newborn baby sleeping soundly.  So much of our time at the photo shoot is getting the baby to fall asleep.  It always feels like a ‘goal’ during a newborn session for photographers and I am used to that.  So, when I have a wide-eyed newborn and I’ve already captured them awake, the next step is to get them to fall asleep.  It was exactly the opposite for this family.  This mother wanted photos of her little one wide-eyed, and all this baby wanted to do was sleep!  I have all the tricks of the trade up my sleeve to get a baby to sleep, but getting a sleepy baby to wake up is a completely different game!

Well, we managed to wake up little G for her photo shoot and I did get some beautiful shots of her (and the announcement was AMAZING).  So… thank you once again G family.

TONS of love,


eskimo kisses family portrait

pretty girl in the mirror

awake newborn photography

Newborn baby and mother portrait

sweet sensitive portrait of a father with baby girl

gorgeous eyelashes

Whimsical newborn photo