Absolutely Breathtakingly Beautiful Baby

I was very excited when this mama contacted me about hiring me as her maternity and newborn portrait photographer.  She is a recent Charlotte transplant, and a single mama, like me!  Hearing her story, I was so excited to work with her.  This is the first single mom and newborn that I have had the honor of photographing.  I *get* it, it is hard to be a single mama.  It’s very rewarding and wonderful, but it also has its challenges.  It’s all on you as a single parent.  Although I was not a single parent when Willow was this little, I can see how it would be difficult when there is no one to help with middle of the night diaper changes, or just holding your baby so that you can take a shower in peace.  But at the same token, when this baby looks at her mother, you can see that she is everything.  So strong, so brave, and so loving.  Luckily, this mother, also like myself, has a very strong support system of friends and family that help her and are there for her emotionally and physically.

I photographed her maternity session a couple of months ago, and after meeting her, I knew that her baby would be welcomed into the world with so much love.  And I also knew that her baby would be a gorgeous baby!  Boy was I right!  I fell in love with this tiny beauty when I first laid eyes on her.  Perfect in every way, she also has the sweetest temperament.  I had a hard time putting her down to photograph her!

Look at these big brown eyes, chubby little cheeks and those lips!  AHHHH!!!!

I truly love every family’s story.  Each family is completely different and unique and wonderful in their own way.  The one thing every family that I photograph have in common, whether they are adding a new baby to a family of six, or a first baby to a single parent, is there is SO MUCH LOVE.  Love is what makes a family thrive, it is the blood of a family.  And there is certainly no shortage in this little family.

Thank you C family!!!!  I absolutely love your pictures and hope that you do too!


hazy sunlight belly photo

Pretty newborn baby with full cheeks

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