How I became a Photographer As a child, I knew that I would be a photographer when I grew up. I studied the art of picture taking at Savannah College of Art and Design and then moved to NYC to work as a photographer. Life happened and I ended up in Charlotte NC about 10 years ago where I had a baby girl of my own and began photographing families and babies here. 1
Some Things I Love Beautiful light, children's laughter, old photographs, life stories, warm hugs and anything yellow. 2
Pleased to To meet you I am a mother, friend, sister, daughter, yoga teacher and photographic storyteller. What is YOUR story?
Why I LOVE family Photography There is authenticity in gesture, a realness in expression, and beauty in the LOVE that shines when a family is together. 3
my Unique Vision With the heart of an artist and soul of a documentary photographer, I combine these two facets when photographing families. To me, the most important part of a portrait is the authenticity of the moment and expression. 4
The Best Thing About a Picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do. - Andy Warhol 5