a whole lotta kids and a whole lotta love- Charlotte children’s photography

What a big, beautiful, fun and fabulous family!  This is a blended family portrait… three kids from one side, three from the other, then a baby in the middle.  Photographing all those kids could have been a pretty difficult task had all the kids not been so amazingly sweet and helpful.  What was especially awesome for me to watch was how much all of the siblings loved each other.  They are best friends and true family in every sense of the word.

After getting some group shots of the entire family together, I went on to each child and photographed them doing something that was special to them.  We had two horse lovers, a cheerleader, a dancer, a fisherman, a pirate and an all around bubbly and beautiful tween.

We had an incredibly long shoot outside in the sun and I have never seen such troopers.  It took time to get through each child’s photos, and the others would patiently wait and keep the toddler of the bunch occupied.

Thank you for choosing me to photograph you!!!


Family with seven children

Toddler portrait on yellow chair

Charlotte senior photography of a dancer

children's photographer portrait of three girls

Photo of a lovely girl with a vintage bunting banner

Kids laugh in a field near some horses

Photography of a tween boy in a yellow chair

Charlotte lifestyle family picture

lifestyle photos taken in Charlotte NC

Senior portrait in a yellow chair

Toddler and dad look at a caterpillar

Couple share a moment