A Very Bright, Inquisitive Child and his Loving Family

The first time that I met little K and his mother, they came to my studio in Charlotte to talk about their upcoming shoot.  K and I immediately became friends.  He stood at the window and told me about the giant walking down the street, about to step on the cars.  I loved his imagination and went along with it, asking if he saw any rocket ships that could save the cars.  After I spoke location and colors with his mama, we played a nice game of hide and seek before they headed out.

It was far in advance, and I was very excited to work with them.  As our shoot date got closer, we decided to reschedule due to the late spring.  It seemed like the cold weather just wouldn’t loosen its grip on Charlotte and we wanted a warm and sunny day.  And lots of green!  So we waited patiently until it began to warm up.  And then… RAIN!  The rain put the kibash on not one but two sessions.

When the day finally arrived for our photo shoot, I was beyond excited!  We chose to take their portraits at Jetton Park, for the pretty foliage, green grass, and the beach– one of Charlotte’s few lake-beaches.

It was a perfect shoot– well worth the wait and reschedules!  K was perfect!  I completely adore this kid… he is so friendly to everyone that we came across and such a charmer!  He is bright-eyed and inquisitive and so sweet…  a complete joy to photograph.

Thank you SO much B family!!!


Mother and child photo on the beach

Father and son portrait on beach

Charlotte child photo

Charlotte family portrait

Green Grass, trees outdoor photo shoot

Candid style family portrait

Family hug laying down outside under the trees